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The Budget For Home Building in Talbott, Knoxville & Jefferson City, TN

The cost to build is, of course, a foremost concern to most clients. The question is "what will it cost to build my home?" The answer will vary from contractor to contractor, and the reasons for major differences in bids to build the same home can be confusing and disconcerting. Zimmerman Custom Homebuilders eliminates the guess work with our web based construction management software BuildStar.

We will create a complete detailed estimate for your project from your blueprints. Each cost category is fully accounted for item by item. You can then log in to a secure environment where the estimate can be privately reviewed and studied. If you don't have your plans yet, rough estimates can be created from typical plan summaries found in plan books and on the net.

When you decide to build with us, you will have unlimited on line access to your budget throughout the process. You can log in at your convenience to check the progress of your project; you can see expenses verses estimate in each construction category, important documentation such as specifications and contracts, as well as digital pictures of the progress of your project over time.

We can offer you several project costing options :

  • Cost Plus a Fixed Fee: This method includes a low mid and high value for each cost category. All costs are passed on directly to you with a nominal overhead mark up, and if the project comes in below estimate, the savings are passed on to you as well. This option offers the greatest potential for cost savings.
  • Fixed Bid: This method provides you with an exact dollar amount for the cost of your project. You have the security of knowing exactly what your project will cost as long as you stay within the budget provided for your finish materials like plumbing, lighting, and other finish trim items.

Regardless of the cost method you choose, the Eastern Tennessee hospitality of Zimmerman Custom Homebuilders will provide you with the highest value possible for your investment.

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