Home Design & Cost Planning Services in Talbott, Knoxville & Jefferson City, TN

Home Design & Cost Planning Services in Talbott, Knoxville & Jefferson City, TN

Our Home Design and Cost Planning service does not cover a set of plans only as in the case of the internet cookie cutter sets. Its covers two major categories : Drafting and Design and Cost Planning.

Drafting and Design: Your project will include the design and drafting work for your project. The process we employ as we create a viable design for your home is huge benefit for several reasons:

  • Internet plans can be a savings if the lot fits the house exactly and there are no changes at all to the plans. In actuality folks make multiple changes almost every time and the architect is always happy to estimate those in a lump sum that usually equals or exceeds the base cost and that is just a start. In addition they will not visit your lot, consult with the trades, materials suppliers and engineers or work with the inspectors on your project. We do - see below.
  • Our design is customized to your lot while internet plans are not. Your lot has a significant slope and the foundation design must accommodate that. Our design will take this slope into consideration. Elevation bench marks and foundation design will be confirmed during site visits with excavators and foundation subcontractors who consult with us.
  • Should a PE be required for any portion of the foundation design (such as any retaining walls required) we will coordinate with the PE visiting the site and supporting those efforts as required via office visits and emails. (a stamped design from a PE could incur an extra charge)
  • The roof structure of a home is often impacted by changes to floor plans. Roof lines often must change as the floor plan is modified. We coordinate these design changes with team input by consulting with our top framing groups and truss designers.
  • Regular communication is provided between our client and our firm during the process. Through emails and associated attachments you are kept in the loop about the progress and always asked for input as we proceed. Many hours are typically spent with you moving through the evolving revisions and making sure everything is being done to your satisfaction and expectation.
  • Cost Planning : Everyone wants all of the best of everything in their dream home ; however most folks have a budget, and the trick is to find the correct materials and finishes that will thrill the homeowner while maintaining the budget. This the essence of cost planning, and this activity can entail many hours of research and leg work.

During the design there are many things to consider:

  • What type of foundation will be constructed, what are the pro and cons and cost impact to block, poured wall, precast wall etc.
  • Is there a good reason to go with 2x6 walls for the R19 insulation factor, should trusses be used verses stick building floors and roofs?
  • What about roofing : dimensional 20-30 or 50 year 'Metal roof?, how much will each cost?
  • Exterior Veneer, Siding , Soffits, Fascais : Cost Impact
  • Site planning including septic system, utility access and hook ups should be looked at and planned for before the first scoop of dirt is removed.
  • Research must be completed regarding proper permitting with the new State Run system. We will take care of these details so as to be aware of State fees that must be included in the final cost.

In setting up your allowance categories , we must work closely to plan for what you want without breaking the bank.

  • What type of wood flooring can we do for less than $x per foot , can we get quality for that cost and is it in the budget?
  • Cabinets , we can spend 10K, 25K or 55K where do we need to be and what are the choices within our range?
  • We help you plan for plumbing, HVAC, electrical, security and the list goes on and on.

These are just few of the crucial upfront planning services we provide. And it is crucial with any project to understand that its not about just buying a simple internet plan and finding a few building crews. Its a fluid environment with a myriad of crucial details and if one does not plan properly, things can quickly go wrong soon after construction begins.

The entire cost of your Cost Planning is absorbed into our company overhead if you build with us. So there will be no line item in your bid that says cost planning services, yet your payment for these services is entered into our on line software as a client payment towards direct costs of your project.

So you might shop around and find some prints cheaper (or more expensive if you use an Architect in town), but I would venture to say you will not get the dedication, the design team approach including the involvement of the trades, the research, the excellent communication and the cost planning leg work you will get with us.

On top of that I seriously doubt anyone else will deduct the cost of all this from their standard overhead allocation if you build with them. We don't want to take your deposit and give you a poor product for your investment, we plan to go the extra mile to make sure our company earns every cent you pay twice over.

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