I have a beautiful new home and it is all thanks to the good lord above and Zimmerman Custom Homebuilders. Scott and Mary were wonderful to work with and really care about the interest of the home owner. Scott was extremely patient with me and very understanding of our situation. He made it a very personal experience rather than just a business transaction. I love my home and the work that was done in it. I saw every step and what went into it. If I were to have to build again, I wouldn't hesitate to contact them again.

Danielle Barnette

Rogersville, Tennessee

Our house built by Zimmerman Custom Homes was built with quality construction and we are thrilled at the final product.

Mike Moore

As you know Jane and I sought out your services to build our dream house in East Tennessee in early 2014.

During the process of finding a suitable custom builder when we were not able to be onsite as often as most of us would like, I stumbled upon your website and soon became interested in the services that you were able to provide. With that being said, we made contact and the process evolved and we met. But, prior to our first meeting I was able to secure references from some of your past customers with positive feedback. I even had the opportunity to tour their homes and see firsthand the quality home you could provide.

Jane and I are now residing our new home on a part time basis for now and it is getting more difficult to leave to finish other business. Thanks for being patient with me during the building process and suggesting changes that the landscape and topography hit us with. Now our dream to reside in Tennessee in a beautiful mountain home has come true.

AL & Jane Christ

I hired Zimmerman Custom Homes in February 2014 for a major custom addition project to enhance our lake house. The project required a great deal of care since our lake house property had limited space for construction material and did not have easy access for heavy equipment. Zimmerman Custom Homes worked diligently with us and the sub-contractors to ensure everything went as smooth as possible. Scott also graciously worked with us on many changes and enhancements we made to the building plan.

We are very happy with the result of our building project and we are enjoying it very much!

Jim & Yvette Vaughn

Jefferson City, TN

Building a home on a Century Farm is a daunting task to those who have to unearth years of dirt that provided the fruits of labors to four generations. As newlyweds, under the age of 30, building a home to us had to be calculated and well devised. This home would be built to raise another generation and provide a lifetime of memories.

We began our search for contractors two years prior to breaking ground. We had several companies come out and survey the area giving us estimated quotes on rough blueprints. After several discouraging meetings with contractors, we were sent to Scott Zimmerman of Zimmerman Custom Homebuilders. Scott sat down with us and listened to our dreams. He did not immediately stereotype us as a young couple with huge dreams and no money in the bank. We were planning for the future and planning takes time. Scott stuck with us and helped us develop a plan for a home that suited our needs. Excitement built as we finalized the floor plans and details to only be dismayed at the numbers coming from financial institutions. Bank after bank we went with our papers ready for viewing...and we thought this would be our breaking point. We needed to be older with a longer work history, and a retirement fund as a down payment. When we thought it was nearly over, Scott researched several loans and sent us to the financial institution that would put us on the fast track to our home.

Construction never goes as smoothly as one would hope for. All our worries were calmed when issues arose. The most important thing to us as a couple was trust. We needed to know that our contractor would fight for us during cost negotiations, build a home of quality, and stand by his word. In the end, we stand on our front porch looking out over what once was a tobacco field knowing we are in a home that is more perfect that we could have dreamed on paper. And that, that is what makes a contractor...guidance, trust, and deliverance.

First of all, I would like to say that we love our new home.One of the best things we liked about the process was the fact that we got to pick out everything we wanted. Nothing in the house was predetermined for us. If we wanted to find out how much something would cost to add or change during the process, Scott was more than happy to get that information for us. We feel we were able to build our dream home with that ability. We look at the homes around us and wonder about the quality of them. We know what went into our home because we were there every step of the way. Many items in the quote that we thought were upgrades were included in the initial quote that was given to us. For example, rounded corners on the sheet rock, bigger base boards and wooden casings around the windows; those items really add so much to the look of our home. We were able to do the painting ourselves. This was something that other contractors we talked to would allow us to do. It seemed as though anything we wanted to do they made happen. We appreciate their help during our home building process and we are sure anyone would be able to build their dream home as well if you use Zimmerman Custom Homebuilders.

Kimberly Mayes

We want to thank you for building our new home here at Maryville, TN. We enjoyed working with you before, during and after construction. We didn't always enjoy the process because there were a "million" of hard decisions that had to be made, e.g. picking out the brick, the paint colors, the wood trim stain, etc. but we appreciate your patience and are very happy with the results. You are a man of your word who was always striving to please us, your customers. Also we appreciate you taking us in as "partners" to let us do some of the construction ourselves. This allowed us to save a little money and to express our own "creative" abilities. We wish you, Mary and your company the best in the years ahead. Hopefully we can keep in touch.

We now consider you our friends. Thank you both very much. Also we want to thank the many people you used who worked hard and were successful in pleasing us with our beautiful new home.

Jim & Julie

5 Stars!

Nicest people ever.

Morgana R.